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The Six Gen-Y Consumer Segments Explained

While most people attribute certain stereotypes to Gen-Y, new research by The Boston Consulting Group, Barkley, and Service Management Group shows that there are actually six different types of millennials. Of course, it’s silly and simplistic to categorize an entire generation into little niches and you can’t stereotype an entire demographic. Millennials are actively engaged in both consuming and influencing and are optimistic about business and government making a positive global change. Millennials favor brands that have Facebook pages and mobile websites over non-millennials. In fact, 53 percent of millennials explore brands on social networks, while only 37 percent of non-millennials do.

They are far more likely to be the first to try new technology. For instance, 72 percent of millennials have an MP3 player, while only 44% of non-millennials have one. The research broke millennials down into six different groups, including hip-ennials, millennial moms, anti-millennials, gadget gurus, clean and green millennials and old school millennials. Here is the breakdown of each group and advice on how they can be better consumers:

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