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Millennial Branding Gen-Y & Facebook Study

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Millennial Branding Survey Reveals that Gen-Y is Connected to an Average of 16 Co-Workers on Facebook

Young people are using Facebook for personal over professional reasons, yet they are ‘friending’ their coworkers.

A new study by Millennial Branding, of 4 million Gen-Y Facebook profiles from Identified.com‘s database of 50 million, uncovers that Gen-Y (ages 18 to 29) is inadvertently using their profiles as an extension of their professional personality, even though they are socializing with family and friends. 64% of Gen-Y fails to list their employer on their profiles, yet they add an average of 16 co-workers each to their ‘friend’ group.

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Work For The Right Company

Turnover can be a serious issues regardless of the global economic health. According to a new CareerBuilder survey on the cost of a bad hire, 69 percent of employers reported that bad hires lowered their company’s productivity, affected worker morale and even resulted in legal issues. On the other hand, if you choose the wrong employer it can hurt your career because you’ll be questioned about it in your interviews, you’ll be frustrated which could lead to a bad attitude and it may delay your career progression.

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