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“It was so provocative that the room was buzzing after the session.” - Kerri St. Jean, Vice President, Human Resources, Comcast

Are you having trouble motivating your young workforce? Do you need help marketing to Gen-Y consumers? Are you looking for advice on how to use social media tools to advance your company? You’ve come to the right place. Our speakers have experience delivering content rich presentations, incorporating our latest research and insights, that will engage your young employees or leadership team.

We can help you achieve your goals virtually or in person!

Teleseminars / Webinars

These are conducted remotely using your company’s preferred webinar vendor. You will receive up to an hour and a half of content and Q & A related on a topic of your choice.

Live events

These are interactive, informative, and results-oriented workshops or keynotes, where your organization will learn about how to attract, retain and grow your Gen Y talent. You may also decide to order copies of Dan Schawbel’s bestselling book, Me 2.0, and have a book signing after your event



Building the Workforce of Tomorrow: How to Recruit, Retain and Grow Your Young Talent

Audience: HR leaders / Managers

This presentation will contain advice, research, case studies and examples that will illustrate how employers can both attract and manage Gen-Y workers so they can rise up to leadership positions instead of leaving for other opportunities. Companies are having a lot of trouble recruiting and retaining younger employees, yet they will represent 75 percent of the entire workforce by 2025. Based on our research, we found that the average Gen-Y worker leaves in just over two years. It’s imperative that companies’ keep their younger employee’s engaged and motivated to do work by create more opportunities for them. Case studies include Sodexo, Ernst & Young, Intel, DreamWorks, and more.

  • You will learn how to more effectively and efficiently manage your workforce.
  • You will hear new strategies and techniques that will help you better attract and retain millennials.
  • You will save recruiting and training costs by getting the most out of the talent you already have.

Promote Yourself: The New Rules For Career Success

Audience: Gen-Y employees

This presentation will reveal the secrets behind what it takes to be successful in the workplace in 2012 and beyond. Based on new research, case studies, interviews and advice, you will learn what managers are looking for when promoting. Workplace expectations are changing and the requirements for management roles aren’t what you think. You need a modern approach to get ahead at work or you’ll end up stuck in your position and eventually quit. This presentation will give you the confidence and tools you need in order to rise to the top faster.

  • Learn how to build a strong network by reverse mentoring.
  • How to work with employees at all levels in every generation.
  • How to become a leader and excel in a team.
  • How to take an entrepreneurial approach to work and get your company to invest in your ideas.
  • How to turn your passion into a new position and make more money.

Personal Branding for Organizational Success

Audience: Employees

Your employees will learn how to achieve personal and organization success by developing a personal brand.  Employees will gain insight into what personal branding is, how it applies to their job, key technologies and resources they can start using today, the best ways to communicate in the workplace using technology, and the social network tools that will propel them forward.  There will be new research, examples, and exercises to further explain why developing a personal brand is necessary for career and business success. The core of the presentation is a four step branding process that employees can use to discover, create, communicate and maintain their brand throughout their career.

  • Learn the skills you need to succeed at work: hard skills, soft skills and social media skills.
  • Hear about the latest social networking tools that will shape the future of business.
  • Listen to valuable networking techniques that will help you be more productive  and build a strong rolodex that you can tap into.
  • Become an expert in managing your digital reputation.
  • Learn five different ways to bring more value to your company using social networks.

Additional topics

  • Selling to Gen Y Consumers
  • Job Search 2.0
  • Power Networking for Career Success

Sample Presentation

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