Social Media

Most brands don’t have enough time to manage their online presence, which is why we offer end-t0-end support. We will ensure that you’re getting a high return on investment for your social network usage and that it’s achieving your goals.

Social media management

We will take ownership of your blog and social network profiles and help you generate content daily to serve your audience. This includes editing, formatting, and scheduling blog posts, and publishing updates on your social networking sites. This will help you grow your audience, while saving you those precious hours that you can be using to run your business.

Brand monitoring

We will monitor your online brand mentions, through social networks, blogs, search engines, and other communities. We will set alerts for your name, your company’s name, as well as your competition and any industry phrases or topics. We will also create a protocol for both positive and negative mentions of your brand, so that you don’t receive negative publicity.

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