Gen-Y Consulting

Generation-Y, or those born between 1982 and 1993, will comprise 75 percent of the global workforce by 2025 yet 70 percent of them leave their first job within two years. It costs companies $24,000 to replace each Gen-Y employee so this is a major issue that is going to grow as a million Gen-Y’ers enter the workforce each year. We understand how to recruit, retain and grow your Gen-Y leaders because we’re in the generation and have done extensive research in the space.

Our consulting offerings

Gen-Y Recruitment: We will help you attract the best, brightest, and most suited Gen-Y job seekers in the increasingly competitive world of employee recruitment. We will help you create innovative, and dynamic ways to recruit future Gen-Y employees, while enhancing any practices you currently deploy.

Gen-Y Retention: We will help you forge an exciting, collaborative, and fresh working environment that will keep current Gen-Y employees in your company for a long time. An imperative focus will be on engaging and developing your current Gen-Y workforce into corporate brand advocates from a product/service standpoint, as well as from a hiring standpoint. Since Gen-Y will make up a majority of your workforce in 15 years, it is vital we create a strong bond between company and employee.

Gen-Y Leadership: We will help you establish a thorough understanding on what Gen-Y’s needs are in order to stay and grow with your company, and educate managers so you can retain high potential Gen-Y employees.

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