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Premium White Paper: Student Employment Gap

Student Employment Gap White Paper

In this premium white paper, you will understand what employers are looking for when recruiting for entry-level positions and internships. You will view information on the entry-level employment market, the types of students being sourced, the skills they are expecting from students, and the sources for hire. You will also see how long the hiring process is and how employers are marketing to high school students. This information is critical to your college sourcing strategy because over a million students will be graduating this year and you need to know what to look for when hiring them.

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Premium White Paper: Gen Y & Facebook

Gen Y & Facebook White Paper

In this premium research report, you will discover who Gen Y is and why they are important to your business, as both an employee and consumer. You will view a comparison between Gen Y and other generations, including Gen Z, Baby Boomers and Gen X. Then, you will read the latest Facebook research, how Gen Y uses Facebook and what we can learn about Gen Y and their professional habits using our exclusive data. You will then see Facebook recruiting strategies and case studies from major brands including Warner Bros., Sodexo, Notre Dame, Hyatt Hotels and Resorts, T-Mobile, Intel, and Syracuse University. Finally, we have a list of sources and related articles.

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